With a solid set off in the UN Sustainable goal number 12, GREEN-NORTH has the mission of contributing to a sustainable hospitality business in the Nordic region. (Click here to see all UN Sustainable Goals)

We have been supplying hotels and spas since 2010,

and with a large consumption of disposable goods in this sector, it is very important to focus on a green transition and sustainability - both on the short and the long run. All our our products are Sustainable and GREEN - both in material and production methods and in our GREEN-CIRCLE, where we pick up our customers used slippers and Soap bottles and we reuse them in new sustainable products. 

For every item sold, we contribute to CO2 reduction by taking the used items back and recyckle them in new products.

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Everything your guests need for a sustainable stay

Certified Soap Products

Astma-Allergy, Swan label, Eco Cert 

Only green products for your guests

Slippers & Terry products

Sustainable Brand

Slippers, Bath Robes, Towels


Tooth brush, sawing kit, sponges

and other sustainable products



We pick up used soap bottles and slippers from our customers and ensure that the materials are recycled into new, sustainable products, and thereby contributing to a good circular economy. Read more...

Packing is important for us

Knowing that many items for the hospitality business are packed in plastic bags and tubes, we choose ourThe MOMENT tube is not only good for you, but also good for the environment. At GREEN-NORTH we have carefully selected our suppliers, which makes it possible to handle plastic waste efficiently.

The substance used is called D2W and is part of the manufacturing phase of the product and complies with all international standards. The first technology of this type has been awarded an internationally recognized eco-label.

D2W enables plastic made of PE or PP material that ends up in nature to degrade and biodegrade in a continuous, irreversible and unstoppable process in the open environment in the same way as a leaf leaves nothing, neither toxic residue nor plastic fragments.

Plastic tubes made with plain plastic contribute to the thousands of tons of plastic waste, that ends up in the environment every day - and remain there for decades.

By making tubes with D2W technology, we can ensure that if the tube ends up in the open environment, it will eventually biodegrade - like a leaf.  Unlike conventional plastic, they will decompose in the open environment to nothing more than CO2, water and biomass.

Something about CO2 footprint

GREEN-NORTH is the new sustainable alternative to the established producers of products to the hospitality industry. 

In the GREEN-NORTH collaboration we have 5 points of actions to optimize our products lifecycle: 1.Materials,                  2. Production, 3. Distribution and Packaging, 4. Use and 5. Disposal.

Collaborating with likeminded companies with a clear focus on sustainability in all processes, we conbtribute to a CO2 neutralization and a sustainable production within our area of business.

Our focus is to direct all our actions in compliances to the United Nations SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) nr. 12,

to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns in our business, and let it reflect out on all relations around us.

The world environment as we know it, is being challenged every day.  In GREEN-NORTH we want to make an impact in our business area, the hospitality industry on how we think, how we produce, use and dispose.

Nobody can do every thing - but we can all do something.

GREEN-NORTH collect and store data about you and your business, which is relevant for our coorporation. Read our GDPR policy here


Hospitality by Responsibility

We design, produce and supply sustainable products to Hospitality industry: Hotels, Spa┬┤ & Retail with Green certified Soap products and terry products such as slippers, bath robes and towels.

Go Green

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